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Do you always see people on vacation and spend money like there's no tomorrow? No need to spend a lot, do it our way. The best holiday, worth it and looks expensive.

Bet me! You can’t move on!


Explore perhentian island with Besut peoples and enjoy your vacation in a place that only visited by locals.

Dive into the deep and search for hidden turtles beneath the waves! So many incredible creatures swim here, you won't believe your eyes!

Stop by the floating mosque for a moment of tranquil peace. Then, as you wait for the sunset, sip on a cup of coffee by the ocean.

Buckle up for the ultimate diving experience of your life! This secret island promises an underwater adventure that'll blow your mind!

Why choose us?

Affordable price for a 3-day trip

The rarest experience for you

Our team is expert with skills & original island people

What's In Your Trip?

Day 1

Upon arrival at Kuala Besut Jetty, you will be greeted by Amir, the Handsome Escort.

The journey from Kuala Besut Jetty to Perhentian Island takes about 35 minutes. Amir will make sure the boat selection is in accordance with the package taken.

Once we arrive at perhentian island,you didn’t need to spend your energy to check in, pickup your luggage and so on. Amir’s taken care of it, Just enjoy your welcome drink buddy!

In the evening, it’s free & easy, But amir’s suggest you to a leisury walk through the beach. While having bonding session with your children,you can improve your creativity to make a huge sand castle. Dont worry about the cleanliness, This is perhentian island ! Top beach in the world okay !

Day 2

Ready for your big day ? Chill… lets fill up your stomach first ! Both malaysian and western buffet provided.

In a few minutes, private boat is coming to pick us up ! As always, our priority is to make sure that we are seperated with other tourist, to ensure your privacy.

1st check point are coral’s dive!
Amir’s going to standby the bread, this is to ensure the cute fish is kissing your hands! In the meantime,we try to wake up the sleeping turtle! Yeah it’s rare!

Tired of snorkeling, you must be hungry, right? Don't worry, Amir won't make you hungry. Let's find the most cohesive lunch place on Perhentian Island! Refill the energy for us to continue the next activity.

Everything has 5 Check Points, If I Tell Everything, It Won't Surprise You. Oh yes, if it's Friday, we'll stop by the Floating Mosque, Happy too. Don't Forget Responsibility.

In the evening, it’s coffee & chill session, Beach wind + sunsets view ! Wahhh ! Even starbucks isn’t as good as this !

Tomorrow is our last day, Shall we create more memories together please ? You like enjoying nightlife ? Or is it you first time ? Bet me it wont be your last time hehe !
A mesmerizing fireshow will make you stunned ! You know what,even the old customers still in contact with amir, why ? Because amir treats them like an old friend. Yessir !

Day 3

Let’s go back ! Our vacation is almost about to wrap.
Fresh mindset,new spirit to to back to work right?
Fresh soul, new spirit to go to work right?

Ohh yeah! Before breaking up, Amir’s gonna treat you to his favourite restaurant. We will make sure you can’t move on!


Reviews from the bosses

Teacher Farhan & Friends

53, Malaysia

BEST AMIR! Ustaz is very grateful for Amir's service. Amir is very considerate of a person's status and age. TQ is also because of ustaz coffee shopping

An experience you will never forget

To make sure you always feel special, we will always give surprises in terms of experiences, places to go and not forgetting delicious food!

The best service

Our service is always top notch so that you continue to feel safe

Comfortable & clean place

Comfort is very important for you to stay calm

Power experience

You will not go home empty handed & bored

The questions that
always asked

Perhentian island is located in kuala besut,terengganu,malaysia. This place is famous with its beautiful culture and scenery. And super good food too.

No hidden charges, What you spend is what you get for sure.

Yes of course! Whatsapp admin and claim your discount!

If you didn’t take the airport transfer package, we will ready to meet you up at Kuala Besut Jetty. In the other hand, for airport transfer is we will meet at Kota Bharu Airport.

Our admin will make sure everything is smooth one day before departure. 

Just take care of yourself and let us take you to rare places calmly.

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