Harga sangat-sangat mampu milik dan ini peluang paling power lagi-lagi kalau korang suka buat content-content rare! Kami cuba berikan pengalaman paling awesome untuk anda!

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John Azmi

36, Indonesia

The price was really affordable for what I did enjoyed. I managed to do a lot of activities in 1 day and the fireshow were really Fayahhh!


24, Malaysia

Thanks amir sebab jagakan i & siti selama kitorang kt sana. Now i dah tak takut nak holiday dengan kwn2 girl i

Mia Khan

28, Malaysia/Pakistan

What an experience ! I mmg kaki pulau and perhentian is the best for me. Nightlife,food,coral is complete. the best thing is i got a lot of photos with different view to  put into my insta feed


31, Australia

I am diving enthusiast ! what i can say is the coral in perhentian is different with others. and the water flow is suitable for a beginner to starts diving